Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Inconvenient Friend

Great design starts by reordering your environment.

Recently I spent some time reordering the office interior of a client. I moved a file cabinet to new location and landscaped the top with live plant in a decorative pot… it looked great! When I returned a few days later the top of cabinet was cluttered with some filing that needed to be done. A week later the same pile had grown somebody was crowding this landscape design with their own idea of order or perhaps not! When you fail to create order you should expect disorder or clutter in its place. Clutter can become that inconvenient friend we have grown to accept and often make provisions for on a daily basis. Is clutter your friend too? That friendship can be costly. Your friend clutter loves crowds, confusion, and abundance of distractions. Just remember sometimes we our known by the company we keep!

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